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If you are a Wagon Hill Farm Community Garden member, then you already know about the benefits of being at the garden.

Please review the 2023 Community Garden Guidelines so that you are up to date on the current garden policies and practices.

To renew your garden bed for the current season fill out and return the 2023 Membership Form with the associated payment.

Be sure to check out this years workdays and events on this handy handout.

2023 Gardener Work Day Handout

For detailed information on our approved pest and disease methods check here Pest and Disease Control Policies

Here is what some of our members say about being part of Community Gardens for All…

“My heart has been mended because of this garden.  I feel more myself when I am there and happier because of it.”  

“It makes living in an apartment feel more like a home because of the independence of growing my own food.”  

 “It is very peaceful in the garden and there is always someone nice to talk to and share ideas with…”

“I’ve learned so much in one year!  It’s a wonderful sense of community.  It’s fun watching children and adults learn about the garden.  I love promoting the garden to new comers.  I can’t wait to bring my new granddaughter.”  

“My kids know how plants grow and where their food comes from.  My kids love to eat veggies!”

“I am so impressed with these gardens and how they are organized and operated.”

“I love being part of the Community Garden and am so thankful our community has this available to us. It’s been very gratifying to see how the garden has grown and blossomed since those first days digging in the clay.”

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  1. Posted by Janet Johnson on March 6, 2018 at 7:19 am

    The garden has brought much to me and my immediate family. My daughter and her twins come often as I tend to my plots. The garden has brought much happiness since my husband passed. I love being there through all elements of weather. Plus, the girls get so excited to see the plants grow and harvest.


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