Visiting the Garden:  We love visitors at the garden but please respect our space.

All the produce that is not used by our gardeners is donated to local food pantries. Please don’t harvest anything from our garden if you are not a member. Join us and receive lots of support in getting your own plot of healthy produce and flowers started!

Please, no pets in the garden…that means you FIDO! Many of us have dogs of our own and we love to walk the trails with them at Wagon Hill. However, we respectfully ask that you do not allow your domestic animal in our garden (after all, we eat this stuff).

Gardening Rules For Our Members:

Being a member of C.G.F.A. involves time, energy, and commitment (even on those hot summer days); but through it all you are working with a supportive community of gardeners of various experience and abilities and harvesting healthy, delicious produce.

As a member, we ask that you commit to follow a few simple rules:

The use of a garden plot through my association with Community Gardens For All, Inc. is a privilege, not a right.

I agree to garden respectfully with my neighbors and follow the Garden Guidelines.

I will work to keep the garden a happy, secure and enjoyable place where all participants can garden and socialize peacefully in a neighborly manner.

I will garden according to organic principles and use no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

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