Lasagna Gardening: More Time, Less Toil

Lasagna Gardening is a low maintenance method of growing flowers and veggies is very effective at amending soil and conserving resources. For centuries, gardeners have practiced this method as a way to work with the Earth’s natural processes.

Here’s how start a lasagna bed:

John Hart, member of the Garden Steering Committee, with Lauren, one of his former students.

  1. Don’t till the soil!
  2. Add a layer of compost
  3. Sprinkle on some thin sticks
  4. Spread a thick layer of wet newspaper
  5. Cover with hay or local wood chips

We are allowing the soil to repair and fortify itself without disturbing it. When it is time to plant, simply cut holes just big enough for seedlings or a trough for veggies such as carrots.

This method holds in moisture (yes…you must still water the garden occasionally), regulates the temperature of the soil, and virtually eliminates the need to weed. This frees us up to do or not do all kinds of things like meditate, read a good book, make new friends at the garden, walk the dog, eat more vegetables…

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