Kay’s Garden Tip: Striped Cucumber Beetle

Have you seen this beetle?

We’ve sighted striped cucumber beetles (they are yellow with black stripes) on squash plants in the heritage plots and a few in various raised beds. Here is a recipe for an organic spray you can make at home to deal with the beetles.

You will need:

A spray bottle

1 gallon jug

1 TBS of Dr. Bronner’s liquid concentrate soap OR other all-natural liquid soap without phosphates

1TBS olive oil

1 TBS baking soda

Warm water

Put a small amount of warm water in the bottom of the jug. Add soap, olive oil and baking soda. Swirl ingredients to blend them. Fill the rest of the jug with warm water and then put the cap on. Shake thoroughly. Dispense into spray bottle.

When applying to plants, make sure to get the undersides of leaves, tight crevices and tender new growth. Keep shaking mixture to keep ingredients well incorporated (oil will try to separate). Apply once a week for prevention and more often for an active problem. Re-apply after rain.

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