Work Day: Dr. Dirt and Kids’ Scavenger Hunt Next Sunday!

Our garden community work day comes around the third Sunday of each month, which by my calendar is next Sunday, August 19, noon to 3pm. This month’s theme, “Children and Other Pests,” will include two bonus attractions:

  1. KIDS’ SCAVENGER HUNT: For the child gardeners (approx 3 – 12 yrs), Erika and Sandy have organized a garden scavenger hunt. Children will be given a plant/fruit identification map to go by. They will look for a garden in which that plant/fruit is growing, record the number of the garden, and then, once completed, come back for a quick check in, and a small prize (pinwheel, seed packet, and/or farmer’s market Snap coin). Older children may be asked to fill in a blank or two identifying something from specific gardens in more detail. If you have a child or children interested, please let me know as soon as possible (number and ages of children) so that organizers can have enough age-appropriate hunt-lists and prizes. Deadline for rsvp: Saturday, Aug 18, noon: John 285- 1513,
  1. WEED IDENTIFICATION AND MGMT: For the adult gardeners, there will be a special performance in weed identification and management by the renowned Dr. Dirt of Durham. The weed tour will happen when a critical mass of gardeners has been achieved, possibly at 1:30pm. This will be a group teach-in involving all participants and their knowledge and experience. It will likely cross biological borders into insect and disease pests of plants. No reservation needed.

We have grown a lot of fresh organic produce in our individual beds this summer. Much has also been accomplished in the common garden on our work days, and most of us have made some new friends. We hope to see you and many children at Wagon Hill next Sunday!

John Hart

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