Garden Prep

At our meeting last month, I mentioned that I would try to use pictures to illustrate different gardening techniques,  so here goes.  Let me know it you find it helpful.

This week I laid black plastic around my Heritage Plot bed to keep the field grass from invading.  I used this method several years ago and it worked really well. One of the mysteries of gardening for me it why I don’t keep doing things that work, like staking tomatoes?  Why do I suddenly “forget”  that I had a good idea?  It’s not as though I have so many I can’t keep track of them.  But, to continue, If you have a bed like this that is not raised, it is so helpful to prepare the edges before things get started growing.  I bought this plastic at WalMart in their garden department.  It is not the most expensive stuff.  I also bought 3 bags of garden staples.  Make sure you get enough of those.  I only needed one roll to edge my Heritage bed and I had a little extra.  After I laid the plastic I covered it with wood chips.  It took 4 wheelbarrows full to do it.  It is not a deep layer but it does cover the plastic to keep any light out and to hold down the edges.  I will probably add more chips and /or hay as the season progresses.  This plastic will have to come off at the end of the season and all the staples will need to be retrieved.  You could also use wet cardboard and newspaper to do this if you are really opposed to using plastic.  I used plastic because it is faster and I really wanted to get it done now while the grass is still flattened out from the snow.  So there you have it.  Please feel free to use my good idea and be sure to remind me of it if I forget next season!  Ellenphoto-53photo-54

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