Getting Started At Wagon HIll

Dear Gardeners, It’s been a slow, cool spring, which I do prefer to “sudden summer”. We get to enjoy the bulb flowers and bright green leaves and grass. Cool temperatures have delayed planting in the gardens at Wagon Hill for many gardeners. However, they have not delayed the growth of weeds! I was in the garden yesterday and noticed many beds full of rapidly growing, robust weeds.

Even if you do not intend to plant in your beds immediately, please come out and take a look at your plot and remove the weeds. The grasses are already starting to go to seed and that is just what’s happening above the ground. Below, roots are finding their way into the beds of your neighbors.

The moist soil does make it easier to pull up the weeds so it should not take long.
Once the weeds are removed, check the soil depth in your bed to be sure it is at least 1″ below the top of the bed rail. Add more soil, if necessary. This will help to prevent the field grass from growing up through the bottom. Especially important if you have one of the older raised beds.

Remember to dispose of weeds in the open compose pile not in the bins. Do not leave them in the paths. Oh—some of the paths need weeding as well.
Garden Steward

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