The Pests Have Arrived!

How do those bugs and blights find my garden so quickly? I am always amazed! As I learned this week at Dr. Cheryl Smith’s excellent presentation, they over winter in and around the gardens. The know a good thing and stick around. Right now we are already seeing evidence of the potato beetle. A mature bug was squashed just the other day. And speaking of “squash” the squash beetle isn’t far behind. I’ve posted pictures of these bugs in their various life stages so you can recognize them. Our main defense is prevention. This means being vigilant about checking your plants regularly and taking action at the first sign of something amiss. On our resources page you will find links to lots of helpful information. But now is the time to start looking for those egg clusters on the backs of leaves. If you find them, rub them off. Or, if you do not want to use your fingers, we will be supplying a roll of duct tape in the shed for the purpose of egg removal. Make a loop of duct tape, sticky side out and slide your hand into it. Then use it to pat the eggs until they all stick to the tape. Repeat as often as necessary. Make sure to seal the tape in a bag and dispose of it in your trash at home. If you see something in someone else’s bed, note the bed number and let me know so that I can alert them. Let’s help each other enjoy the fruits of our labors.

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