Garden Lethargy

It’s a curious thing that just when your garden is producing and doing what you have waited for all season, that a kind of garden lethargy sets in. I don’t know exactly what it is.

The Heat? Anticipation is greater than the Reward? The plants look ratty? School is about to start? Just plain tired?

Whatever the reason I have actually been heard to groan at the sight of yet another ripe tomato.

But we cannot give in to complacency now! Along with ripening tomatoes there are also ripening weed seeds. It’s time to admit that the volunteer “kale” is really Lamb’s Quarters and that “chard” is Pigweed and yank it out of your bed! There are a lot of weeds out there and they are sowing themselves back into your bed and your neighbor’s bed right this minute.

Please take some time now to tend your beds. Pick that ripening tomato and pull up those weeds.
We’re not done yet. You’ll thank me in the Spring.

See you in the garden, Ellen

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