Wait a minute–I thought it was December?

Here’s a picture I took of one of the raised beds.  When do you think this was taken–April, May, June?  No it was taken yesterday, December 18th.  These vegetables were planted in late Fall and continue to grow, albeit, slowly.  Maybe they will still be there, getting a head start this Spring.

I pulled up my chard and threw the stumps back onto the garden to decompose and instead they have started to grow again.  I will be able to harvest some chard next week.

And, here’s  a dandelion blooming out at Wagon Hill.

If this continues, we may want to consider late season growing.  If I had hoops in place I probably could’ve been harvesting non stop.

But, then again,  it’s nice to take a break ….to nurture my dreams.  December bed 2015 MG_2263Winter chard  2015 IMG_2262IMG_226412391001_1173561562673759_7725237688121138166_n



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