2012 Garden Prep Event Thursday April 19th at Wagon Hill

On Thursday, April 19th Timberland will again be helping us build new beds and fill them with soil. In addition, they have offered to top off existing beds needing soil. Many of your beds are in this condition. The beds should be full of soil up to an inch of the top of the sides. There are a lot of beds that are very deficient of soil and this promotes weed and grass growth that is very undesirable.

If you would like Timberland to fill your beds, you will need to get up to the garden between now and April 19th to clean them of weeds and grass. Timberland will not fill your bed if it is full of weeds.

The beds that I specifically noticed that need filling are : #4,5,8, 11, 12, 15, 19, 20, 22, 26, 30,31, 36,37,39,46,47.

Other beds may benefit from having soil added as well. This is a great opportunity to save yourself some work so if you would like to have your beds filled, get up there and clean them out! Better yet , come up to Wagon Hill on the 19th and help open the gardens for the new season with the Timberland Crew.  

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