Working Smarter, Not Harder — That’s Square Foot Gardening!

Square Foot Gardening uses less resources, requires very little work and yields a crop equal to a single row garden five times its size. Our friend Jean Olson, a Master Gardener with the UNH Cooperative Extension, led a free workshop on Square Foot Gardening and companion planting methods this sunny morning.
Jean Olsen, Master Gardener, lead our May Workshop on Square Foot Gardening.

From left to right: Suzanne, Lisa, Jean, and Filson work together to plant a Square Foot demonstration garden at Wagon Hill Farm during the May Workshop.

This was our first garden workshop of the season at Wagon Hill Farm Community Garden in Durham. Fifteen local gardeners dug right in to learn this hands-on gardening technique. Together we lay out a 4 x 10 bed and planted most of it, leaving space for warmer weather crops to go in a bit later in the month.

Our Square Foot Garden takes shape!

You may notice several raised beds planted using this method in our community garden this year. Square Foot Gardening  was first developed by Mel Bartholomew who has since written extensively on the subject. For more information about this method visit

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