Time to Reflect…

A note from Ellen about the end-of-season gardening recap:

What will you do differently next year? Please let us know by commenting on this post!

This is a good time to make some notes about what worked, what didn’t and what you might want to do next year.  Believe me, it is a great idea to jot these things down now because you will forget by next season, take it from me.

 A case in point:  Last year I purchased enough tomato supports to stake all my tomato plants.  I stored them neatly in my garage to use this year.  But, for some reason, this year I “forgot” how important it is to stake my tomatoes and had to re-learn that un-staked tomatoes are a mess and very hard to harvest.  So number one on my list of things to do differently is:
  • Stake my Tomatoes!
Other things I want to remember:
  • When buying seeds and plants, pay attention to disease resistance.    Choose varieties that have some resistance to mildew and blight.
  • Add some kind of organic fertilizer to boost the nitrogen in my raised beds.  Since I mulch with leaves and hay I had too much “carbon” and not enough nitrogen and things did not grow as well.
  • Be more vigilant about insects.  Try to catch them before they become marauding hoards.
  • Keep a record of what seed (plant) varieties I plant and how well they perform.  It’s fun to try new things, but if there is something I particularly want I need to have a reliable variety.
  • Plant something new each season.
  • Did I mention staking my tomatoes?     Oh yeah, I want to remember to stake my tomatoes…..

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by CGFA Web Cultivator on October 26, 2012 at 11:18 am

    Next year, I will stick to annual veggies only (no more strawberries/ lemon balm), start seeds indoors in March, mulch with seaweed.


  2. Posted by Sarah on October 26, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    No beans this time! Our plots need to take a year off so the mexican bean beetles don’t build a permanent home.


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