What’s up Doc? Can you grow carrots (and other root vegetables) in a raised bed?

 What’s up Doc?  A  question was asked  about growing carrots in the raised beds.  The short answer is “yes, you can grow carrots.” But a longer answer may help you better understand the garden.
The raised beds are just frames placed onto the ground. So there is no “bottom” on the beds that would impede the growth of carrot roots. The bed is placed on the ground and several layers of wet newspaper and cardboard are laid down to cover the bottom, then the beds are filled with soil. Over time the newspaper decomposes, along with the sod and worms come up to the surface and work the soil. The soil you put into the beds is contiguous with the ground. It is important to keep your beds full of soil to an inch below the top to prevent the grass from growing up again. There are varieties of carrots that are shorter. If you have a newer bed you might try those.   So grow those carrots!  And let me know how they do.  Ellen
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