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Disease Resistant Plant List Available on our Resources Page

Got pests? You might be inspired by this link:
This is a list of disease resistant vegetable varieties that I thought would be very helpful to our gardeners planning for next season given the issues we’ve had. I will continue to research this and provide other links on our Resources page of the website. I have heard some gardeners say they are discouraged so maybe this information will give them some hope.

Pest Alert: Mexican Bean Beetle

I found some mexican bean beetle larvae on my beans the other day!

They’re heartbreaking when they get out of hand, but I’m sure this is in time for the rest of you to check your plants. Apparently the most effective management is hand-picking, but there are other organic solutions as well. I’ll be out there picking yellow squishy larvae myself periodically. (yuck.)

Some info and pictures (and there’s plenty more on other websites):