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Disease Resistant Plant List Available on our Resources Page

Got pests? You might be inspired by this link:
This is a list of disease resistant vegetable varieties that I thought would be very helpful to our gardeners planning for next season given the issues we’ve had. I will continue to research this and provide other links on our Resources page of the website. I have heard some gardeners say they are discouraged so maybe this information will give them some hope.

Ellen’s Gory Tip for Getting Rid of Tomato Hornworms

Both of these specimens (tomato hornworm and the moth it becomes) were collected from the tomatoes on my straw bale garden. Notice how the hornworm is happily chomping on the tomato leaves? These creatures are making their presence known in the garden now.

You will know you have them on your tomatoes if you see denuded stems and lots of droppings that look like peppercorns. These guys can be three inches long and they have gripping “feet” that cling when you try to pull them off. I have found it easier to take a pair of scissors and cut them in half. Gory but effective and fast.

The hornworm can destroy your tomato plants and will eat the tomatoes as well.